Website changes & life updates

Due to changes with my previous web-hosting company (switching to commercial only accounts), I decided to transfer things over to WP, including the Otalia Virtual Seasons as a separate page from the blog. All of the mini-sodes that were written are compiled into seasons and are available in ePUB and PDF formats. In addition, all of the episodes are also available as single episodes and as complete seasons in ePUB and PDF formats.

Majority of the fan fiction I’ve written has now been transferred over to my account over at Archive Of Our Own (AO3). Still adding some fic from old site to AO3 – have the stories on my computer, just need to upload them to AO3 as time permits.

On a personal note, I’m still working through the Coronavirus pandemic as I’m a nurse in a geriatric nursing home – fortunately still with no cases of the virus, and we’re doing everything we can to keep it that way. In my non-work time, I get creative with painting – flow acrylics for the most part. I started doing that early last November as a creative endeavour to help with my mental health after the death of my younger brother (from a Glioblastoma Multii-forme brain tumour). And now with the self-isolation / social distancing measures with the Coronavirus, the painting continues to be an outlet to create something artistic.

I’ve got quite a number of paintings done – enough that there’s not enough wall space to put them all. I’m hoping to be able to get some photos of the paintings done so that I can start selling some of them. The paintings below are just some rough captures of some of  the paintings after they’ve been done but before they’ve been varnished. I’m also still crocheting – which is infinitely more portable than my painting supplies. 🙂 Less messy for one thing. While most of my paintings are on various sizes of canvases, I’ve also done several on ceramic tiles (4″x4″ and 8″x8″) and MDF board (12″ x 24″ and 16″x20″). I have some more ideas for multi-canvas pieces but it may take some time…and practice.





About jlynnstapleton

I'm a Licensed Practical Nurse, photographer and writer. My focus in photography has been primarily landscapes, particularly water based images, both in colour and black and white. I love to travel when I can and sometimes find some unique treasures to photograph. I also enjoy writing these blogs and doing interviews when I can. I'm the oldest of three siblings. I grew up in St. John's, Newfoundland [Canada]. I came out as a lesbian when I was twenty-one, and fortunately I've had a supportive family, and friends.
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4 Responses to Website changes & life updates

  1. Sam Anderson says:

    Hi,Your art work is beautiful! If I wasn’t in Australia I’d love to buy some!CheersSam

  2. Evan Osa says:

    Thank you for your update!
    Also, your art is beautiful 🎨😊😍

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