Last Tango in Halifax – Series 2 – Missing Scenes [Eps 4-6]

Here we are again, for the missing scenes in second half of Last Tango in Halifax as aired by PBS. Hope you like the lines/scenes that were dropped. For those of you watching this series in North America, do yourselves a favour and pick up an inexpensive multi-regional/region-free DVD player. You can pick one up through Amazon (.ca or .com) for about $50, and then go purchase the UK (Region 2) DVDs from Amazon or other UK sellers. You can pick them up separately or in a 2-series box set. The Region 1 (North American) DVDs of the series are the versions aired on PBS, so the lines/scenes are still missing from them. Also, for those of you who are interested in British shows and want to buy the DVDs, the multi-regional player will come in handy down the line. 🙂

Some of these scenes are particularly long, because they contain missing parts of lines in various parts of the scene. Comprehension of the lines comes better when it’s all inclusive. In some instances I’ve stopped a scene where there’s been a change of topic and no further lines have been dropped, in which case I mark where the remainder of the scene is intact from the original BBC broadcast airing.

As usual, the missing parts are marked in red. Dialogue and images are property of Sally Wainwright, Red Production Co and BBC.

Season 2 Episodes 4

During the conversation with Greg and Kate, with Caroline mostly just watching, feeling terribly uncomfortable and out of her depth with the whole thing, there’s a little left out.

Greg: Josh Hetworth, do you remember him? [Kate shakes her head]. Oh you do. He fancied you. Brown hair…five foot ten… scarf…acne. Rhodes, he always wore Rhodes. He lived in same house as PJ in second year. We went there for a party once. Fancy dress.
Kate: Who did we go as?
Greg: Oh, shit. I don’t remember. Ummm. [Kate laughs].
Lizzie drank too much.
Kate: Surely not.
Greg: And she puked this spectacular tidal wave of multi-coloured vomit into a doorway at Woolworths.
Kate: This is ringing a bell.
Greg: Anyway, I’m in Oslo, and I bump into Josh Hetworth. Yeah, how mad is that? He works there; in Oslo. He’s working for Ericsson. I was just on holiday…

The scene pans out with muted sounds of the two of them talking and the camera focusing on a distraught Caroline.


This next bit picks up just as Judith has come into Gillian’s sitting room, barging in. Gillian and Robbie just looking on at first. This is long, but there are a couple of parts with line segments missing.

Judith: You bastard!
John: Sorry, hang on. What?
Judith: What’s this? [holding up partially folded up manuscript notes] This was my idea.
John: What was?
Judith: To write a novel about two old people in love.
John: it was not. We discussed it certainly but it was me…
Judith: And it was me who said that’d make a great story.
John: It must have been obvious what my intention was.
Judith: Well, I could say that. I could say it must be obvious to you what my intention was when I said that’d make a great story.
John: [attempting to placate her, hands up.] No.
Judith: You were talking about it as a thing that had happened…was happening. And I was the one saying that would make a great novel.
John: That’s really…not…
Judith: You’re a plagiarist.
John: No!
Judith: You even copied ideas I talked about, writing it from Bathsheba Everdeen’s point of view.
John: That was…that was…entirely my idea.
Judith: No. I put the idea in your head.
John: This is a fantasy. You’ve mis-remembered.
Judith: Nope.
John: You probably had a drink.
Judith: You definitely had a drink.
John: Judith! This is my story. My family. You don’t even know these people.
Judith: So bloody what! Shakespeare didn’t know Richard III. It didn’t stop him writing a shitty play about him.
John: I would not steal somebody else’s idea.
Judith: Let me explain to you the difference between observing something and making the decision to write about it.
John: I understand what you’re saying.
Robbie: Why don’t you both calm down? There’s a baby trying to sleep here.
Gillian: This is Robbie.
Judith: [Turns from Gillian to Robbie] Is it? God. Wow. What a fascinating manage.
Robbie: What’s that’s supposed to mean?
Judith: [Indicating between John and Gillian] They slept together. These two. Well. I’m saying that; I’ve only got his word for it, so obviously it might be another of his little wish fulfillment fantasies. Who knows? [Turns to Gillian] Sorry.
John: That’s…that’s just not true.
Judith: Really? So you made that up, too?
Gillian: How dare you?
John: No. No. I didn’t make anything up?
Gillian: You told her that I’d slept with you?
John: No! I didn’t. She’s lying.
Judith: I’m not lying. That’s what he told me.
John: You may have got the wrong end of the stick then.
Judith: So you made that up, just like you’re saying this [throws manuscript to the floor] tripe was your idea when it wasn’t. [Gillian picks it up, folding it.]
Robbie: Have you slept together?
John & Gillian: No.
Robbie: [to Judith] What did he tell you?
John: Nothing! I didn’t tell her anything.
Robbie: Describe to me, the language that he used.
Judith: Language? Well, he was here, obviously, drunk, upset. Angry, because he’d just found out Caroline had been shopping round the corner. And Celia was here. She was upset, too, because he was mouthing off. And Alan. And you were here. [This is ringing a very clear bell with Robbie and he’s not liking it.] And it was Caroline’s birthday. I cut an artery open with a broken bottle. [Turning to Gillian] It was your birthday, too. They have the same birthday. Well, it was that night he claimed it happened. Although he said he was so pissed the next day he barely remember what happened. And like I say, he’s probably making it up.
John: She’s making it up.
Robbie: How can she be making it up? She wasn’t even here.
John: Yes, but we didn’t…we didn’t…[Sighs heavily. Pauses and looks at Gillian] All right. We did. We did! So what. You’re clearly no good for her so why don’t you just clear off? Uh? [Gillian’s confounded by John’s gall and idiocy] You’ve made her life a living hell in the past. Trying to get her arrested when she was at her most vulnerable. Yes, I know all about it. And now you prey on her because you know how generous and good and kind-hearted she is.
Robbie: Prey on her?
John: Yes! Well, get lost. She doesn’t need you. She doesn’t want you. She rang me to come over and help because she was at the end of her tether with everything. With all of you. Especially with you.
Robbie: Is this true?
Gillian: Some of it. Partially. After yesterday.
Robbie: After sleeping with me.
[Gillian nods her head and keeping her eyes down and anywhere but looking at him. Everyone is uncomfortable. Robbie hauls off and punches John.]
John: Shit! Shit. Oh, shit. [Touches the back of his head where he’s hit it where he fell back against a corner table]



Gillian enters the house to find John up and around.

John: I’ve made some coffee.
Gillian: Well done. Where’s your girlfriend? Her car’s still outside.
John: She’s not my girlfriend.
Gillian: Yeah. Where is she?
John: I’ve got no idea.
Raff: [lying on settee, still half asleep, while EmilyJane is awake in the crate she’s lying in.] She’s crashed out in my bed.
Gillian: She polished off another two bottles of wine you brought in less time than it takes me to bend over and tie one shoe lace. And my emergency supply of medicinal brandy seems to have disappeared as if by magic as well.
John: She really is the real McCoy I’m afraid.
Gillian: She doesn’t just languish in the amateur division like you and me, you mean.
John: I haven’t a bloody clue whose car that is. She’s probably nicked it.
Gillian: [To Raff, who’s sat up at this point] You all right, darling?
Raff: Yeah.
Gillian: How was your night?
Raff: Nice.
Gillian: [to John] They’re taking it steady.
John: I heard.
Raff: Shit! What have you done to your face?
Gillian: Oh your Uncle Robbie’s fallen out with me again.
Raff: Why?
Gillian: He’s…I…He’s got wrong end of stick. Yet again, so…
Raff: What about this time?
Gillian: [Looks at John then back to Raff as she picks up the bottles and glasses to return to kitchen] Oh, it’s sorta ridiculous.
Raff: [To John] Did he do that? [John just shrugs]

Series 2 – Episode 5

At the end of the first scene where Caroline and Celia are talking of the planning of the wedding and the potential logistical nightmares, there’s a bit left off.

Caroline starts walking up the steps to the house.
Celia: [gesturing to the ‘For Sale’ sign at the driveway entrance] Have you had any more inquiries?
Caroline: [looks back at the sign forlornly then heads back up the steps] No, not this week. [After entering the house into the kitchen, she stops at the island, about to put her glasses on then puts them down and leans against it.]



There’s a brief shot of Gillian with the sheep, before she heads back to the house. There’s no dialogue spoken in this scene. And then again at the end of the scene, there’s a shot of Gillian out in the yard holding the baby and watching as Raff and Ellie walk down the road for the school bus.



In the scene where Kate tells Caroline about the pregnancy, after Kate leaves, the scene is cut a little bit short. No further dialogue, except a gorgeous shot of a distraught Caroline.



After Caroline’s conversation with Laurence regarding his interest in moving in with his Dad, the phone rings. I’m including most of the conversation here though it’s a couple minutes in where PBS drops the scene.

Caroline: Hello.
Gillian: Caroline, it’s Gillian.
Caroline: Oh, hello.
Gillian: How are you?
Caroline: Fine. Fine. [Caroline’s putting the supper dishes away as she chats with Gillian].
Gillian: Good.
Caroline: Are you?
Gillian: Yeah. Yeah. I was ringing you about the wedding. I was just concerned and I thought you might be able to shed a bit of light on something.
Caroline: Okay.
Gillian: It all seems to have got bogged down somehow and I think it’s making my dad a bit miserable.
Caroline: Oh, I know. Is it not to do with um…ah, Ted, his brother?
Gillian: No. No, it isn’t.
Caroline: That’s what my mum said.
Gillian: [Sighs] She’s using that as an excuse.
Caroline: I did wonder.
Gillian: I think it’s to do with her sister. Muriel?
Caroline: Right. Right. [Picks up her wine glass from the dining room table.]
Gillian: It’s fine. Honestly. He’s really easy going. He just wants to fit in.
Caroline: Yeah, it’s…that wouldn’t surprise me…Muriel.
Gillian: Is she…difficult?
Caroline: Auntie Muriel. No. God, no. She’s…They’re just…chalk and cheese, that’s all.
Gillian: Okay. Only, if we could only get to the bottom of whether she’s coming or not, they could move forward with things. That’s all.
Caroline: Oh, she’d be coming. I don’t think she wouldn’t come.
Gillian: Well, pinning it down then so they can set a date. Could you ring her? Muriel?
Caroline: Yeah, sure.
Gillian: Find what stage they’re at, then delegate negotiations, cause I’ve got Ted and his lot Skyping every five minutes, wanting to know when they can book their flights. The sooner they can book, the cheaper it will be.

Caroline. Course. Course. Leave it with me. It’s just…They’re just…it’s…
Gillian: Complicated.
Caroline: Yeah.
Gillian: Yeah.

This is a long scene, but I’ve included it all because there are bits of lines cut out and it probably wouldn’t make much sense to just include those lines.

Gillian: I’ve been thinking.
Alan: Oh aye? What with?
Gillian: Ah, you’re so funny. Why don’t I…Why don’t me and Caroline organize the wedding?
Alan: Really?
Gillian: Yeah. Only you seem to have got stuck and I can’t believe you wanna be stuck. So.
Celia: Well…
Gillian: We’d run everything past you. We wouldn’t do anything you’d hate.

Celia: Have you spoken to her?
Gillian: Just now, just this second.
Celia: Oh. Well.
Gillian: Why don’t we just check out some venues for you, at least. We’ll suss a few out and you can choose. And we’ll compile an invite list and then you can cross anyone out that you don’t really want.
Celia: Well, I don’t know. I suppose so, if you wanted to.
Gillian: We would love to. I would love to.
Celia: [her mobile rings] Oh, who’s this? [looks at the display on the phone] Muriel. [Answers phone] Hello.
[Gillian’s house phone rings and she answers]
Gillian: hello?
Caroline: I have just put my foot right in it.
Gillian: [darts back into the kitchen] Oh yeah? Why?
Caroline: She didn’t know. Muriel didn’t even know. My mother hadn’t even told her.
Gillian: Wow. Wow. That’s just…
Muriel: [conversation with Celia] Alan Buttershaw. That’s…it’s so…so perfect. It’s wonderful. Gosh, you must be so happy.
Celia: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I am.
Muriel: So when is it? The wedding?
Celia: Well, we’ve…we’ve…um…How did you know?
Muriel: Caroline. Caroline just rang, just now.
Caroline: [to Gillian] I’m so deep in the doghouse it won’t ever be worth trying to get out.
Gillian: it’s not your fault.
Celia: Our Caroline?
Caroline: You don’t know what it’s like?
Gillian: Caroline, you didn’t know.
Celia: Damn, she’s spoiled the surprise. I was thinking of popping down, this uh very…weekend. This coming weekend to…to tell you. Both of us. Me and Alan. [Alan looks very surprised at this.]
Caroline: How’s she taking it?
Gillian: [looks back to the sitting room] She’s smiling. She’s happy. She’s laughing.
Caroline: Yeah, well that’s just…you wait til she comes off the phone. It’ll be on again. The forces of Gog and Magog will gather from the four corners of the earth.
Gillian: You’re losing me, Caroline.
Caroline: Yeah, well, good luck.

Gillian: I’ve offered to organize the wedding for them and I said that you’d help me…Hello? Come on…Come on. We’ll have a laugh. I could use a laugh. Couldn’t you? I’m…bloody well fed up. Have been for months.
Caroline: Yeah. Yeah, I…[sighs] yeah, all right.
Celia: Oh, wonderful. That’ll be lovely. So this…uh…coming weekend.
Gillian: How are you fixed for this coming weekend?
Muriel: Yes well if that was the plan…If that fits in with you and Alan, it’s absolutely fine with me.
[Rest of the scene is the same.]


The following scene was completely omitted. Celia and Alan are preparing for bed.

Celia: I don’t know what Caroline was thinking of, ringing our Muriel
Alan: She would have assumed, and she wasn’t alone, that you’d spoken to Muriel, even if it were weeks ago.
Celia: Well I never said I had.
Alan: If you don’t want her there, we won’t invite her.
Celia: What’re you smiling at?
Alan: You.
Celia: Whenever have I said I didn’t want her there.
Alan: It’s an impression you’ve given.
Celia: Well I don’t know how. She’s always to be interfering.
Alan: Who?
Celia: Caroline. Always has to be organizing everybody. Of course I want my sister at my wedding.
Alan: Good! [Celia looks at him] Good. [Disbelieving]
Celia: I don’t know why you’ve got that expression on your face. She’s all right, our Muriel…in small doses.


John arrives to pick up Laurence. Caroline opens the door. She turns to call for their son but John interrupts.

John: I…um…Sorry. Could…? [indicating he wanted to talk to her in private] This isn’t your problem, clearly, but just…just so you’re aware…Judith’s pregnant.
Caroline: She…uh…How? I mean how…how…how…how can…?
John: Eight or nine weeks.
Caroline: Is it yours?
John: She…Yes, she’s not slept with anyone else. So I don’t know.
Caroline: Has she been to see a doctor?
John: Yes. Just this week.
Caroline: And? [John shakes his head] It’s definitely not something else?
John: Such as?

Caroline: [Befuddled at his denseness] Does she want it?
John: I…it’s…it’s all very…[shakes head] And the reason…the reason I’m telling you this is that things…things might get a bit fraught around there, given that it’s just reared it’s… so as much as I’m happy to have Laurence for the weekend normally, if you wanted to take him with you, instead, to Halifax, just this weekend, I’ll completely understand that that might be the better option. Not for you, obviously, but for him.
[Laurence emerges from the house]
Laurence: Popsicola.

[Rest of the scene is intact]


Caroline pulls up to Gillian’s, just as she, Robbie, Raff, Ellie, the baby and Cheryl exit the house.

Gillian: Hello.
Caroline: Hi!
Robbie: Caroline [nods greeting].
Caroline: Robbie.
Gillian: They’re off to York Races for the day.
Cheryl: Hello. Ah, I’m Cheryl. How do you do? [shakes hands with Caroline]. I’m Robbie’s better half…other half. God, what am I like? Don’t tell me. Shame about t’ weather. I like your jacket. I love the pattern. It’s really classy.
Gillian: Bye then. [Eager to hurry Cheryl along.]
Robbie: I don’t know how late we’ll be.
Gillian: No problem.
Cheryl: Loving you and leaving you.
Raff: Bye!
Caroline: Have a nice time.
Gillian: That’s the baby. That’s Ellie.
Caroline: Oh my God. You’re a grandmother.
Gillian: Hmmm.
[Gillian and Caroline wave them off, and Cheryl’s waving like crazy back]
Caroline: She’s annoying. [Gillian nods in agreement.]
Gillian: Bloody York Races. Money to burn. He’s got own work. She’s got own work.
Caroline: I thought…weren’t you and Robbie…?
Gillian: No. Hell no. That went tits up months ago.
Caroline: Oh. Well, I’m sorry.
Gillian: Right, Batman. What’s the plan?
Caroline: Lunch. Somewhere nice.
Gillian: To be honest, I’m a bit skint this week.
Caroline: Well, I’m not. [Then quieter] I’m loaded. [Both of them laugh, though]
Gillian: I can’t have you paying for me.
Caroline: Yes, you can. Get your stuff.

Gillian: [Eyeing up Caroline’s clothes] Do I need to get dressed up?
Caroline: Only if you want to.
Gillian: Where are we going?
Caroline: It’s a surprise.
Gillian: Whose car are we going in?
Caroline: I don’t care. [Feeling pretty free and relaxed at the moment]


In the scene in Holdsworth House garden, where Gillian and Caroline are asking about information for their parents’ wedding, there’s a line left of Gillian’s dropped.

Caroline: She’d love this.
Gillian: Hmm. So would he.
Caroline: [To hotel manager] Can we talk about costs? Packages, deals, numbers.
Hotelier: Of course. Can I offer you ladies a glass of Champaign?
Caroline: Uhmm. Do…? [Briefly turns to Gillian before back to the hotelier] Yes, thank you.
Hotelier: Do you want to join me in the Waterhouse Bar when you’re ready? [She then leaves to return to the building]
Gillian: If I drink too much, can you drive my Land Rover?
Caroline: What if I drink too much?
Gillian: We’d be up shit creak. [Both of them laugh.]



John and Laurence are watching a movie and Judith’s been writing but unable to concentrate and/or at wits end.
[Loud action noises from TV vs typing on computer]
Judith: [She gathers up her things] I’m going out.
John: Is this too loud?
Judith: No, no. It’s me. It’s fine.
John: We can turn it down.
Judith: It’s fine. It’s just…I can’t concentrate.
John: Where are you going?
Judith: Just for a walk.
John: Should we all go?
Judith: No.
John: We can all go.
Judith: I just…no. No. You…[Nodding her head towards the door]
John: Perhaps you can get us something for supper…while you’re out. Pizzas or….
Judith: Yeah.
John: How long will you be?
Judith: I don’t know. Does it matter?

John: Have you got your mobile?
Judith: [Nods and mumbles ‘yeah’ then leaves]
[rest of scene is in tact]



After Gillian and Caroline return to Gillian’s and Caroline’s talking about what went wrong with her relationship with Kate, Caroline asks about Gillian’s relationship with Robbie. Before Gillian decides to go into that, she sits up right, needing more Dutch courage.

Gillian: Do you fancy a drop of brandy, in your tea?
Caroline: Are you?
[Gillian nods then gets up and heads to the kitchen.]


Celia and Alan in the guest bedroom at Muriel’s. Celia’s already in bed and looking at the laptop while Alan’s looking at the photographs on the wall.

Celia: I hope we’ve made the right decision.
Alan: Well, I think it looks spot on.
Celia: One thing I will say for Caroline, she’s has good taste.
Alan: [As he looks at pictures on the wall] Well, we’re committed now. They’ve paid deposit.
Celia: Though she sounded a bit pissed when I spoke to her.
Alan: Is this Kenneth? [Pointing to picture]
Celia: Yeah. That’s him.
Alan: She seems very fond of you. Muriel. Considering.
Celia: Considering what?
Alan: Well that, you don’t seem very fond of her.
Celia: Oh… She’s right enough. It’s…
Alan: What?
Celia: Ohhh. She always has to be the centre of attention. She can’t just come to a party. Muriel. She has to be the party.
Alan: Some people are needy that way.
Celia: Needy? Is that what it is?
Alan: Scared of being left out. Scared of being overlooked. So, they push their way to the front…with their sharp elbows. Some people might find that attractive but I’m damn certain I don’t.
Is that what you’re bothered about? If she came to wedding she make you feel like it were her big day rather than yours?
Celia: Somewhat like that, yes.
Alan: She’s very plain, you know. Compared to you. And she hasn’t made me laugh all day. Not once. I think the day we get married, you and me together, will eclipse everyone else entirely, don’t you? [After a bit] Was that her husband?
Celia: Yeah. Frank. That’s Frank. He’s dead.



Series 2 Episode 6

During the conversation with Alan, Muriel and Celia about their plans before the wedding (ie. Celia’s hen night) they get talking about various ideas.

Celia: Do you fancy a stag night, Alan?
Alan: Like in a lapdancing club with strippers and so on?
Celia: Yeah.
Alan: Do you?
Celia: I could do, with the girls. That what you had in mind, Muriel?
Muriel: It…it’s not…No. I said…uh…
Celia: [Interrupting and facing Alan] Do they do lap-dancing with fellas?
Alan: Probably.
Celia: Is that the same as polo dancing?
Muriel: No, it isn’t. To me, pole dancing…
Celia: How do you know?
Muriel: No, that’s not what I had in mind. I don’t think…
Alan: Google it.
Celia: A sleazy night in Amsterdam. What more could a woman ask for?
Muriel: I did start off the conversation by saying…
Celia: Making assumptions.
Muriel: I don’t mind going to Amsterdam for the art galleries, if that’s all…
Celia: Oh, bugger the art galleries. They’ll be full of them dobs by that twerp who chopped his ear off. This is my hen night we’re talking about. What’re you thinking, Alan?
Alan: Personally, well, I’ve been there. All in all, I got the tshirt. But if you fancy it…
Celia: Amsterdam? Have you?
Alan: More than once.
Celia: So you’d recommend it?
Alan: Oh. [smiles]

At Gillian’s, the night after drinking, both have hangovers, physical and emotional.

Caroline: Wonder why you told me. Do you think you feel better?
Gillian: I don’t know.
Caroline: Do you?
Gillian: Do you wish I hadn’t told you?
Caroline: I suppose you told me because you needed to. Needed to tell someone. I’m just wondering why it was me.
Gillian: Because you were here. Because I was drunk.
Caroline: Do you want me to turn you in? Is that why you told me?
Gillian: No. No. I’ve buggered everything up, haven’t I? We could have been friends and I…
Caroline: You had a lot to deal with. Trapped in a marriage with a man who…We are friends. Told me because you needed to. Not going to turn you in. Not going to turn you in, all right?
Gillian: You’re sure?
Caroline: Yeah.
Gillian: Really.
Caroline: Yeah.


Alan and Celia in car, leaving Muriel’s.

Muriel: Drive carefully.
Alan: Yeah. We will.
Celia: Like she cares. Do you fancy a stag night?
Muriel: Text me to let me know you’ve got back safely.
Celia: Right Oh! [then quieter:] Like hell.
Alan: Well, I wouldn’t mind going for a pint. Up Spring Road with Harry and up and our Raff.
Celia: I could do a bit of something. Me and Caroline and Gillian. And I could even invite her. Muriel. A laugh an hour. [Waves at her sister] Ta ta.
Muriel: Bye!
Celia: Have you been to Amsterdam or are you lying? No, have you?


At the hotel where Caroline’s picked up her phone and Gillian’s there to get her car left from the day before. This part picks up from after Caroline hangs up on John. Not sure why the bit that was left off in the following conversation, because after all the crap they talked about in the previous twenty-four hours, Caroline was actually complimenting Gillian for the most part.

Gillian: He all right?
Caroline: Yep. I’m gonna go.
Gillian: Okay.
Caroline: Look after yourself.
Gillian: And you.
Caroline: Sorry, but [turns back from the jeep] can I just say I think you’re right about you and Robbie.
Gillian: I know. I really like him.
Caroline: No, I meant…you said it could never be a good idea, you and him. Don’t you remember? Last night. Had a conversation…how it all started…what you told me.
Gillian: Right. Yeah. Okay.
Caroline: Move on. You’re a nice person. You’re a good mother. You work hard. Something appalling happened, you dealt with it, but move on.
Gillian: Yeah.
Caroline: Promise me? If I’m keeping this secret, promise me, because that would be one hell of a can of worms, you and him. Surely you can see that.
Gillian: Yeah. Course. Sorry. You’re right.
Caroline: Okay. [Turns and walks back to jeep door]

During Caroline’s conversation with Kate, there’s a bit in the discussion about Caroline’s retelling/paraphrasing what Gillian told her that’s missing.

Caroline: I just had a really weird night with Gillian. She told me…she told me what her husband used to do to her. He committed suicide but before that…She never told anyone before. She’d never been able to talk about it before but…she told me things. He raped her. He did things and she couldn’t…and humiliating things.
Kate: Jesus.
Caroline: This is a big bloke. Not that it’d take a big bloke, she’s tiny, Gillian. Pinned her down and she couldn’t do anything, so she just took it…because she had to.
Kate: Why? I mean why did he?
Caroline: It’s control. It’s power. Why do they ever? Ah, he was a bully. He was a prick. Just an inadequate prick. I think she told me because we drank too much and we were telling each other things. And the point is…apart from the fact that it was a really weird evening…the point is…I realized that amidst all the disappointment and complexity and mundanity and madness of the day-to-day, we had something really nice that happened us. I know you’ve made your mind up about me and I know I leave a lot to be desired sometimes but I decided it was worth…one more time…asking…saying I’m sorry for all the things I got wrong and I will try…I would try harder.
Kate: No. Thank you.

After Caroline leaves Kate’s, she’s walking back to her vehicle, and she just sits back for a moment, heartbroken.


Alan, Celia and Harry discussing the plans before the wedding night. I’ve left off the initial part about place names.

Alan: We’d have all our stuff on board, ready. We’d have morning suits, top hats, [turns to Harry for a moment] the ring, then drive straight to hotel from Hebden in our car. Or whichever car we’ve left in Hebden. And be at hotel bang on 10am.
Harry: So that works.
[rest of scene intact.]


The split conversations (in different places) between Celia & Caroline and Harry & Alan, talking about the wedding speeches. Caroline’s trying to dissuade her mum from asking John to do the speech about the bride.

Caroline: Wouldn’t you be worried he might say things you’d rather people didn’t hear?
Celia: Like what?
Caroline: Well, there was that time you slapped him across the face up at the farm.
Celia: Oh yeah.
Harry: I shan’t tell ’em about the time you fell down that manhole in the snow when you’d been up razzled.
Alan: Well, it should’ve been better lit.
Caroline: And that time you nearly choked to death laughing when he snapped all the tendons in his ankle falling off that jetty in Puerta Valencia.
Celia: Oh, that was comical!
Harry: Or that time you drove wrong way around Baldrine roundabout in Halifax when you came back from continent.
Alan: That were quite exciting.

Caroline: And then that Christmas when you let all his tires down, when you both got drunk on barley wine and he called you a rancid old bag.
Celia: Oh I don’t think he ever knew that was me.
Caroline: [laughs heartily] Ha! Oh, he did.
Harry: Or that time you got caught shagging that sheep.
Alan: Hey. It’s not funny. Our Gillian once called caught the lad.
Harry: I know. She told me.
Alan: And the funny thing, he kept coming back. To see the same sheep.

[rest of scene remains in tact.]


When Gillian and Alan are at the graveyard, after their conversation on the bench and his chat to his late wife’s stone asking her blessing for his getting re-wed, the part where he joins Gillian at his uncle Norman’s gravesite is left off.

Alan: Is he tidy?
Gillian: Yeah. Nineteen. Mad.
Alan: Aye. She were ten…my mother when he died. Course she couldn’t go to see him. They managed to get him home, to a military hospital in Leicester. That’s where he died. His granny went down. His mum…my mother’s mum. Sat by his bedside two days. He had his spine shot out. Couldn’t feel anything apparently. So, anyway, I promised my mum I’d keep it tidy.
[Gillian and Alan return back towards where the bench was as Gillian needed to get Calamity’s pram.]
Alan: I’ll see you back at t’ car.
[Gillian stops to look at Eddie’s memorial plaque before heading off again.]


Caroline’s joined Kate in the waiting room at the hospital where Kate has taken herself in due to bleeding. Kate surprisingly looks over to find Caroline has come.

Caroline: You might be fine. It doesn’t always mean what you think it means.
Kate: No, I think if you’re bleeding, that’s usually it.
Caroline: Yes, but not always. And you’re 20…how many weeks? Very unusual.
Kate: I’ve kept thinking for a few days that there wasn’t been as much movement.
Caroline: You rung your mum?
Kate: I don’t want to upset her, til we know something definite.

Nurse: Kate McKenzie? Would you like to come through?
[A nervous Kate stands ready to go]
Caroline: Do you want me to come in with you?
Kate: Will you?
[Rest of scene is the same]


Dinner at Caroline’s. A few lines left out.

Caroline: No! When did this happen?
Alan: Day before yesterday. Well, no, it must have happened last week, but he Skyped day before yesterday.
Celia: And it’s all swollen you see, all up here.
Alan: Black and blue. And his knee’s in plaster. So there’d be a risk of deep vein thrombosis apparently, so doctors had just said no.
Celia: And he’s a big feller, isn’t he, Alan?
Alan: Yeah.
Celia: And he’s nearly eighty so you can’t take a risk at that age.
Alan: Eh. Travel insurance people have been very good though. He’ll get his money back.
Celia: And he can travel over here in three or four months time.
Alan: Mmm.

Laurence: How did he break it?
Caroline: How disappointing for you.
Alan: He fell over.
Celia: On his drive, in Aukland. Just getting his car out.
Caroline: And what about the rest of the family?
Alan: Oh they’ve all fall by the wayside, one way or t’other.
Celia: Well, it’s getting enough time off work to make it worth their while.
Alan: Yeah. You see realistically there’s no point in coming less than three weeks. Spending all that money. Travelling all that way.
Caroline: So, are any of them…?
Alan: No. No. Doesn’t look like it.
Laurence: Can Angus come?

[Rest of the scene remains the same.]


Celia’s hen do at the hotel restaurant.

Celia: Who told you this?!
Caroline: I would…we…It…It’s
Gillian: I shouldn’t…[turns to Caroline] Only told you cause I thought you’d see the funny side. Didn’t think you’d tell your mum.
Celia: What do you mean ‘funny side’?
Caroline: Mum, let’s not spoil…
Gillian: I didn’t…I didn’t mean…
Muriel: I don’t understand what’s being said.
Caroline: I thought it would be better if I told her than if she found out later from anyone else, that’s all. I’m sorry. Sorry, I’m sorry.
Celia: He’s too soft. He’s too kind-hearted, that’s the top and bottom of it.
Caroline: Exactly.
Gillian: I’ve been telling him this all his life, Celia.
Caroline: Generous fault.
Gillian: Well, my life, obviously, not…[shakes head and makes a face] not that…

Muriel: So…
Gillian: So…
Caroline: So, they’ve put an offer in on a bungalow.
Gillian: I didn’t want my Dad selling out old house up Barker’s Land, but he, being Dad was too soft to turf the tenants out.
Celia: And in the meantime, someone else has put a better offer in on the bungalow and of course they went with it…the vendors.
Muriel: Oh dear. Good Lord. Celia, I thought you’d have him better trained than that by now.
Celia: Clearly not. Not yet.

John’s out in the street in Harrogate and makes a phone call to Celia and gets her voicemail.

John: Celia, it’s John. I just…I wanted to say good luck for today and…and…and sorry not to be there. Umm…well, all the best then. Bye. Bye. Bye-bye.


At the wedding reception

Harry: [clinking glasses to get attention] Ladies and gentlemen! Can we have a little hush? [gets the microphone] Ladies and gentlemen…Ooh, that works. Right. Pipe down. Raff, that includes you, love. Right. Traditionally…who’s still talking? Ted Buttershaw! Surprise, surprise. Right. Traditionally we start with a speech from the father of the bride. Only today, we’ve got the daughter of the bride. Caroline!
Celia: Oh, shit. What’s she going to say about me?


The rest of the episode remains as aired by PBS. I was only partially surprised that none of the stuff was cut from the last bit when Kate returned, however, it’s likely too difficult to cut part of that when there’s music playing in the background without making it very obvious that you’ve cut part of the scene as the music wouldn’t match up.

To get an idea of the timing of the episodes between the BBC broadcast versions and the PBS broadcast versions, here’s a breakdown of the runtime for series 2.

BBC: S2: Ep1 – 58:13 / Ep2: 56:34 / Ep3: 58:31 / Ep4: 56:00 / Ep5: 58:54 / Ep6: 58:26
PBS: S2: Ep1 – 55:11 / Ep2: 55:11 / Ep3: 55:10 / Ep4: 55:11 / Ep5: 53:51 / Ep6: 54:45

Anyway, that’s it for another year. Looking forward to series 3 to air later this autumn on BBC One for more shenanigans of the Dawson/Elliot/Greenwood clan!

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6 Responses to Last Tango in Halifax – Series 2 – Missing Scenes [Eps 4-6]

  1. Fluff says:

    Wow. Well I’m glad I didn’t buy these in the US. Cutting entire lines because of words like “shit” is ridiculous. I’m not sure why most of the other stuff was cut. For time maybe?
    In any case, it’s pretty sad. Thanks for the write-up.

  2. Looks like you stopped doing these missing scenes for series 3. I’ve been looking and don’t find them. Several of my readers got particularly upset about parts missing from episode 3 and I was going to send them here.

  3. Yes. I’ve been at this about 3 and a bit hours already and I’m only finishing episode 301. Eek. Some of it is because there’s sometimes just a line or two in between a long conversation but it doesn’t really make sense without the whole dialogue, other times it’s a whole scene. Which means a lot of stops and starts. Especially when dialogue is slightly mumbled. 🙂

  4. tineke says:

    Very informative. Thanks very much!

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