Bomb Girls – a Canadian gem

Last year, a little Canadian 6-part miniseries, Bomb Girls aired with critical acclaim, enough so that they were given a second season with double the number of episodes. The show takes place in the 1940s during World War II, around the women (and few men) who work at the Victory Munitions (VicMu) factory, building bombs for the Allied forces. There’s a fantastic writing team who delve into the relationships of the characters.

Lorna Corbett (Meg Tilly) – the Matron of the VicMu, she oversees the women on the floor of the factory building the bombs – tough but straight forward and supportive of ‘her girls’. Her husband, Bob (Peter Outerbridge), is a WWI war vet who’s paralyzed and has many resentments of his time. They’ve got three grown kids; 2 sons that are also military and serving in the war and their daughter is a nurse.

Betty McRae (Ali Liebert) – one of the best workers of the VicMu, and helps train some of the new recruits. She feels like an outsider because she’s gay but not out – at the time she can’t be. Over time she falls for one of the new recruits, Kate Andrews.

Kate Andrews (Charlotte Hegele) – after escaping from her abusive father’s home with the help of her mother, Kate takes on her new identity (formerly Marion Rowly) and begins to work at the VicMu. She was close to losing her job due to an error made, but Betty gave her a rare second chance. She’s got a singing voice of an angel and quite naieve to the world because of her preacher father’s influence. She’s terrified that her father is going to find her so she wants to make sure her room at the boarding house locks, but Betty tells her she’ll keep her safe.

Gladys Whitham (Jodi Balfour) – a society girl who’s father and fiance are determined to use the war to make money by selling their food line for war rations for the soldiers. She’s determined to make a difference, and while her parents think she’s working in the office at VicMu (which they really don’t think she needs to be doing), Gladys decides she wants to make a difference and to do so works down on the factory floor building bombs with the other women. It takes time but she eventually makes friends with some of the other women, particularly Betty & Kate.

Vera Burr (Anastasia Phillips) – one of the floor girls that has an injury that changes her future.

Marco Moretti (Antonio Culpo) – an Italian-born Canadian, who works as a bomb inspector at the factory because the military refuses to admit him to serve because of his Italian background. His father has been interred at military facility for the past two years. He fancies himself a ladies man and sets his sights on Lorna.

Bomb Girls airs on Global here in Canada, and in the US the show has aired on Reelz and will possibly start airing season two in March. Unfortunately the DVDs of season one are hard to get hold of.

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I'm a Licensed Practical Nurse, photographer and writer. My focus in photography has been primarily landscapes, particularly water based images, both in colour and black and white. I love to travel when I can and sometimes find some unique treasures to photograph. I also enjoy writing these blogs and doing interviews when I can. I'm the oldest of three siblings. I grew up in St. John's, Newfoundland [Canada]. I came out as a lesbian when I was twenty-one, and fortunately I've had a supportive family, and friends.
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